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GPS Map of Curacao.

This GPS map will give you turn by turn directions to your destination using a POI (point of interest), city point and/or latitude and longitude with the ability to preplan driving destinations before getting into your car. Includes thousands of POI’s such as hotels, restaurants, fuel stations, and more. The easy to follow instructions allow you to download and install the map into Garmin Basecamp desktop software and transfer it to your Garmin GPS in minutes. Compatible with ALL Garmin GPS units. Don’t pay more than US$10 per day when you already own a Garmin; this is the most comprehensive GPS map available at such an affordable price!
* Map updates require previous purchase and installation of map.

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52 reviews for Curacao

Very difficult to load onto the garmin. I do not know if it works or not.
October 11, 2019
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Omar Pinzon
Bad mapnThe map was always with position error and I could not use it. Thanks to my Google map I was able to locate myself in the island of curacao. This was really a scam.
July 09, 2018
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fernando sato
Reimbursement nDidn't work with my Garmin device. Want my money back
July 18, 2016
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Pedro Wolf
Didn΂t worknHi, i have returned today, and i will like to tell that the map didn΂t work. I had to enable my data roaming of my cel phone provider to use 3G and google maps of my iphone.

April 04, 2016
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Jim R
Software would not InstallnCould never get the software to open after unzipping. Downloaded multiple times and reopened but the exe file never executed and would hang up on 3 separate computers.

Not worth the money. Was cheaper to get a gps system from my car hire.
March 22, 2016
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Simon Jewson
Very PoornApart from tourist areas, there appeared to be no map detail. Most street numbers were missing as were the names of many residential streets. Device seemed unable to calculate any routes to the north of the island; roads were shown but did not appear to be routable as routes were displayed as a straight line. Apart from getting from the airport to the hotel, this map was a complete waste of time and money.
February 07, 2016
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Fausto Barros
Incomplete GPS data for CuracaonIt was the first time I acquired a map from other vendors than Garmin. The purchase experience was very good, with a simple site to enter data and get the transaction done. The map was available for download quickly. When trying to install the map on the Garmin device I had problems, apparently it can't be downloaded to the internal device memory even if there is enough space for this. I could find a work around by installing it to an SD card. When I arrived in Curacao I realized the map is missing lots of data, sometimes you find a location by searching it's address but not by it's name, and sometimes it's the other way round. I went to a very popular beach at the north of the island and the device couldn't find the way back to the hotel (I got a message saying "impossible to calculate route"). Overall, I will think twice before acquiring other maps from TravelMaps.
February 15, 2016
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Curacao mapnThis map has some wrong way tracks and a lot of faults.
August 24, 2013
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Juan Dario Leon
Good MapnI've used the map for a couple of days, good accuracy, it needs to be updated, it misses a lot of streets and places of interest.

Another thing is, I initially bought it for Mac, I had the need to work with a Windows PC and I was asked to buy it again because of the format. I think if somebody buy the map, would be nice to access the both systems to re-download in case od necessity.
December 25, 2016
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Ricardo Gomez
Not as good as others mapsnI have purchased maps from this company before and they have been good, but this time even if I setup the GPS NOT to take through unpaved roads there were many times that it did and they were dead ends.

Overall it got me were I needed to go but it was a bit of an inconvenience to lose time going back and forward and if I didn't rent a truck probably I would have gotten stuck.

Also this time it will not tell me to turn in 300 ft, it will tell me to turn about 1/4 of a mile before so it was confusing, I had to keep on looking at the GPS and roads, I missed my exits a few times
April 04, 2013
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