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Device Compatibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our number 1 most frequently asked question is as follows:

How can I view my new map on my Garmin nüvi GPS unit?

Use one of the following steps to view the map in your GPS:

  1. At the main screen, choose the following: Tools → Settings → Map → Map Info. You will now see a list of all maps installed on your GPS including your new map from Uncheck all maps except the one you would like to view.
  2. At the main screen, choose the following: Where To → Near… → A Different City → (Input or select a city that you want to view.) → Browse Map (Scroll down to find Browse Map. Browse Map is different than View Map from the main screen).
  3. You should now see the city you selected. ZOOM IN to see more map detail; ZOOM OUT to see more area. (As you zoom out you will see less detail on the map; for example, you may not be able to see roads.) You can browse the map and see different areas by dragging your finger across the screen.
  4. Alternately, in the View Map screen, you can also zoom out to the country extent. Then, drag your finger across the screen to bring into view the place on the globe where your new map is and zoom back in. Map detail will begin to appear as you zoom in closer.