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If you like to travel, and you enjoy doing so at your own pace, then you know that you don't want to take chances being lost. Get to where you're going with confidence with our downloadable GPS maps for Garmin units.

Our maps include thousands of points of interest, including hotels, restaurants, historical places, parks, beaches, embassies and consulates, hospitals and pharmacies, and many more. We've spent years developing and refining our maps in order to provide the most detailed, up-to-date data available.

Purchase securely through our online store and install your downloaded map within minutes on your Garmin handheld device, or order an SD Card with the map pre-installed that will ship to your front door. Save time and money, avoid pitfalls, and plan effectively. Travel like a local with GPSTravelMaps!

Offline Navigation

Get full-featured navigation with turn-by-turn directions without needing a cell phone signal and data plan. This map works with no strings attached.

Easy To Use

The map is made for your Garmin GPS device, so it will work just like the maps you're already familiar with, with all the features you already enjoy.

Saves Time and Money

Use the time on your trip to do the things you are going away to do, rather than getting lost or figuring out how to get where you want to go.

Costa Rica GPS Map

"I was reluctant to purchase the map for Costa Rica but I made a good choice in doing so. The map was accurate all of the time except for 2 times, in a week of travel. Once the map took me to a road that didn't exist the other time it couldn't find a restaurant (it was open for only 2 months. You have to use points of interest in Costa Rica and just enter the name (park, restaurant, etc ) and your GPS will get you there. Excellent customer service. I had questions about downloading the map and got immediate responses to my questions. Highly recommend the map. BTW Hertz wanted $12 per day for their GPS."


— Jim from the USA (March 2015)

Guatemala GPS Map

"My experience with GPSTravelMaps has been great thus far. Maps were detailed and had many dirt roads even as far as Lanquin in the north. We couldn't have got as far and explored as much as we did within our time constraints without the use of these maps."


— Terence from Vancouver, BC Canada (February 2014)

El Salvador GPS Map

"Garmin does not have a map of El Salvador available, and I thought I was going to need to live without one. This would be a real challenge since it is hard to find a detailed physical map and there are not a lot of street or road signs. A friend of mine was going to lend me his, and when I saw that he had a Garmin like mine, I looked for your company on the web. The download was easy (and saved money) and the map worked excellently. I felt comfortable exploring areas of San Salvador that I would not have gone anywhere near without the assistance of your map. We went through the countryside, to small towns, near the ocean, and through San Salvador even into some very small areas (I was working in a very poor barrio), and the map worked perfectly. The only flaw was that occasionally it wouldn't know that a street was one-way, but that wasn't hard to navigate around and it would always bring me back as I moved toward my destination."


— Steve from USA (January, 2015)

Central America GPS Map Set

"Been using GPSTravelMaps for years now, with the Central America map just the latest map that I've downloaded. They put out a great product and with the consistent update, it just keeps getting better."


— Gene from Houston, TX (December 2012)

Barbados GPS Map

"The Barbados map had every possible back road and dirt path there is. The Barbados road system is a mess, this map is a must if you're renting a car.


— Paul from Canada (January 2015)

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