Below are instructions and links to help get your new maps loaded into your GPS unit.

STEP 1 – Download/Install Garmin Basecamp

Garmin Basecamp is used to manage maps for your GPS unit and must be installed on your computer before you view and transfer your map to your GPS. Please install Basecamp on your computer by clicking the icon.

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Garmin BaseCamp

STEP 2 – Instructions to install and transfer map to your GPS using Garmin Basecamp.

Once the purchase of map is complete, you will receive an email confirmation that your map is ready to download from the store.

Log in to your account in our online store. You can log in Here

Then go to “My Account” and then “Review Orders / Track Packages.”  You should see your map purchases and an option for “Download your New Map.” Click on this option and follow the prompts to download the map. (Remember the location on your computer of where the .zip is downloaded.)

The download will be a .dmg disk image file. Double-click it to open it. It will ask for a password. Type in the password you received via email after purchase. (You may need to check your junk/spam folder). Make sure to check “Save Password To KeyChain”. A new Finder window should appear showing 3 different files, including a .gmapi file. This is your map.

You will see a file with a .gmapi extension. Double-click on this file to begin the installation. This will run Garmin MapManager. If you do not have Garmin MapManager installed on your Mac, see the top of this page. (The other files you see are the license agreement and version history in the “readme” document.)

Installation step for Mac
When you double-click on the .gmapi file, Garmin MapManager software will open. Click INSTALL. Afterward you will see a dialogue box that says “Maps installed successfully”. You can now close these windows.

Installation step for Mac Installation step for Mac
You have installed your map onto your computer and are now ready to view it in Garmin BaseCamp. Continue reading below for instructions on how to transfer the map to your GPS.

IMPORTANT: Close all programs and restart your computer.

STEP 3 – Transferring to GPS with Garmin MapInstall

IMPORTANT: You may or may not see the same installation windows pictured below. Exact installation steps vary depending upon what Garmin model you have.  If you see different installation windows or buttons than those in our instructions, then simply follow the prompts given by MapInstall to select and transfer your map(s) to your device.

Plug in your Garmin GPS to your computer.

Open Garmin MapInstall (Located in the Applications folder).

You should now see your device name listed. (You may use an SD card as well).

Click Continue. If you see the Customize button instead, click it. Then you will be able to select which map product you want to be transferred to your device.

Installation step for Mac
Select your map by clicking it either on the map screen or in the list on the left side. You may need to pan and/or zoom to see the map(s) you purchased. Select everything you want to transfer (you will need to select all the maps in a mapset or bundle). The white progress bar at the bottom of the window will tell you how many maps you have selected and how much memory your device has. You can deselect a map by right-clicking it.

Click Continue or Send Maps when ready to transfer.

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Click Confirm. (The installation will not take hours, but about 30 seconds or so). You should see a message that says “Installation Complete.” Click Done. You have successfully installed the map onto your GPS.

Install GPS map to Garmin from Mac

Instructional Videos

To view your map on your Garmin GPS (for Nuvi models):

    1. At the main screen, choose the following: Tools → Settings → Map → Map Info. You will now see a list of all maps installed on your GPS including your new map from Uncheck all maps except the one you would like to view.
    2. At the main screen, choose the following: Where To → Near… → A Different City → (input or select a city that you want to view) → Browse Map (Scroll down to find Browse Map. Browse Map is different than View Map from the main screen).

You should now see the city you selected. ZOOM IN to see more map detail; ZOOM OUT to see more area. (As you zoom out you will see less detail on the map; for example, you may not be able to see roads.) You can browse the map and see different areas by dragging your finger across the screen.

To view specific points of interest on your new map (for Nuvi models):

At the main screen, choose the following: Where To → Near… → A Different City → (input or select the city to which you want to navigate) → Points of Interest → (select the place that you want to search for, such as a hotel or restaurant) → Map. You should now see the POI and the map detail.

For more tips on navigating with your GPS visit: Tips for Using your GPS!

If you have any other questions visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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