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GPS Map of Bermuda

This GPS map will give you turn by turn directions to your destination using a POI (point of interest), city point and/or latitude and longitude with the ability to preplan driving destinations before getting into your car. Includes thousands of POI’s such as hotels, restaurants, fuel stations, and more. The easy to follow instructions allow you to download and install the map into Garmin Basecamp desktop software and transfer it to your Garmin GPS in minutes. Compatible with ALL Garmin GPS units. Don’t pay more than US$10 per day when you already own a Garmin; this is the most comprehensive GPS map available at such an affordable price!
* Map updates require previous purchase and installation of map.

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7 reviews for Bermuda


Great map and installation instructions! Map is accurate and easily downloaded and installed if you read the instructions.

August 23, 2021

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Don't buy wont download to GPS.
November 19, 2019
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bermuda mapnOrdered the map 72 hrs before our departure. There were errors on the map and even though I followed the directions, no actual map downloaded. I emailed customer service, they told me there was an error on their side with the map and that they would not be able to get the error fixed before my departure. They offered me a refund which I haven't received yet. Never again.
June 17, 2018
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Do not use this companynSimple and easy. This is a rip-off. I purchased the map to down load and the files were showing to be corrupt. Emailed them and they replied the next day and sent a dropbox to try. That did not work. I stupidly ordered the SD card thinking no way they can mess that up. It was sent two day mail and I had not received it in a week. Emailed them again and they sent me a another card with a tracking number. They did refund my money to PayPal since I was having so many problems. The SD card came and nothing was on it. Now I have less than a week to try and memorize Bermuda because my GPS will not work without a functioning SD card which they obviously do not sell!
April 14, 2018
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Do not bother trying to down load a mapnPurchased the Map and waited for my son who is a computer major to try to download it. He could not download the map to my computer as he kept receiving error messages and file corrupt messages. Ordered a SD card with the map. Hope that works.
April 04, 2018
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Louis Maroun
Bermuda MapnUnfortunately, this is a poor, low detail map of Bermuda. Only major roads are identified, which means about 20% of the roadways and minimal to no detail about significant sites, attractions, etc. Very disappointing. The native map that comes with Mac OS is more detailed and informative.
February 23, 2016
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A great map for my Garmin Oregon!nI loved this map. I used it all week with the routing on and it worked great!!
December 10, 2014
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