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GPS Map of Iceland

This GPS map for Iceland will give you turn by turn directions to your destination using a POI (point of interest), city point and/or latitude and longitude with the ability to preplan driving destinations before getting into your car. Includes thousands of POI’s such as hotels, restaurants, fuel stations, and more. The easy to follow instructions allow you to download and install the map into Garmin Basecamp desktop software and transfer it to your Garmin GPS in minutes. Compatible with ALL Garmin GPS units. Don’t pay more than US$10 per day when you already own a Garmin; this is the most comprehensive GPS map available at such an affordable price!

* Map updates require previous purchase and installation of map.

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27 reviews for Iceland

Map didn’t show up in Garmin GPS
October 31, 2019
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Iceland map downloadnDid not work. Arrived in Iceland with the map installed on my Garmin, and it could not connect with any satellite. Had to rent a GPS from the car rental place which I had been hoping to avoid.
June 25, 2018
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Don Charlton
Dont waste your timenWould load on either Nuvi.
June 16, 2018
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Andrew Pestcoe
Very limitednBased on my download, the map coverage should have been more extensive. The GPS was only providing roads in and around Reykjavik. Once out of this region, it was totally useless. I got more details from my Google maps with an offline download, and that was free.
September 05, 2017
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Kari Burg
Didn't worknThe map I downloaded didn't work! I got to Iceland and kept trying to pull up towns and nothing came up. We ended up using our cell phone maps instead. Work map ever!
August 29, 2017
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jim morris
GPS mapnI couldn't get it to Sync with my Garmin GPS....I did everything they said to do on the internet after googling for about 4 hours and trying all sorts of things. I have since returned from Iceland. We travelled the entire ring road around the continent using a GPS from a rental company. It was a great adventure. I did not, however, use your product...Life is full of lessons...this was a 24 dollar lesson learned to never download something like this worries. I won't bother again... Jim
July 04, 2017
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david ellowitz
Terrible productnOaid $30 for a "currrent" map of iceland. There were alot of discrepencies in the map and it could not find routes well. We ended up using the Google maps on our phones the worked great. Only gave 1 star because the review would not let me put 0.
April 20, 2017
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I could have been left in the lurchnUnfortunately the map I downloaded for my Iceland trip didn't bring up any roads after the first 1/2 hour. We weren't entirely in the dark because we had opted to rent a WiFi unit for the vehicle and could use my daughter's iPhone with google maps. I should have counted on that from the beginning and not spent money on a download that did me no good.
September 05, 2016
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Christopher Emmer
UselessnNone of the main attractions in Iceland can be found with this product. It often malfunctions as well. Extremely disappointing.
April 28, 2016
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Lee McBrien
Iceland Maps for GarminnThe Iceland maps worked perfectly as long as we were in Reykjavik but the maps failed altogether when we moved out of the city and proceeded east along the southern coastline (Northern Lights hunt). I was using the map set in a Garmin Montana 680T. The map set caused the device to initially slow in response then stop completely. I was unable to get the GPS to restart as long as the memory chip containing the map set was installed while on the southern coast. Once removed, the GPS functioned normally. I gave up on the map set and I didn't have a chance to re-install the map set chip and see if function returned once we were back in Reykjavik.
November 30, 2017
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