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Nicaragua GPS Map Update History

v 1.9 | June 2011

•  Added roads in and around Managua.
•  Added Points of Interest.
•  Improved accuracy of roads throughout Nicaragua.
•  Improved navigation throughout Nicaragua.

v 1.8 | December 2010

•  Added POI’s to Managua, Masaya, Granada, Rivas, San Juan del Sur, Matagalpa, and Jinotega.
•  Added roads to Managua, Masaya, Granada, Rivas, San Juan del Sur, Matagalpa, and Jinotega.
•  Fixed routing throughout Nicaragua.
v 1.7 | October 2010
•  Added roads into Matagalpa, Esteli, Sebaco, Diriamba, Chinandega, Corinto and Jinotega.
•  Updated roads in Managua.
•  Improved navigation throughout Nicaragua.
•  Improved POI search throughout Nicaragua.

v 1.6 | March 2010

•  Added and modified POI’s in San Juan del Sur and Managua.
•  Added Mercado polygons.
•  Added Managua golf courses.
•  Added country search support.

v 1.5 | March 2010

•  Improved POI search throughout Nicaragua.
•  Added street intersection search.

v 1.4 | February 2010

•  Added local roads into San Juan del Sur, Tola, Granada, Esteli, Rivas, and Managua.
•  Added one-ways into San Juan del Sur, Granada and Managua.
•  Fixed routing throughout the country.

v 1.3 | November 2009

•  Added all local roads into Rivas and Masaya.
•  Added additional roads into Leon and Esteli.
•  Improved road network in All regions of Nicaragua.
•  Added over 500 new commercial POI’s into the Rivas, Masaya and Managua regions.

v 1.2 | November 2009

•  Added over 8,000 new road segments into the Managua region.
•  Added over 300 new commercial POI’s.
•  Improved POI searching.
•  Improved road geometry.
•  Fixed routing on major roads.

v 1.1 | July 2009

•  Added local roads into Managua & Grenada with many street names.
•  Added major roads throughout the country.
•  Improved road geometry to support auto-navigation version.
•  Improved lake geometry throughout country.
•  Improved Pacific coastline geometry.
•  Fixed international border drawing/display.

v 1.0 | May 2009

•  Created original map.
•  Highways throughout Nicaragua.
•  Major roads throughout Nicaragua.
•  Local roads throughout Nicaragua.
•  Trails and dirt roads throughout Nicaragua.
•  Ferry lines.
•  Private boat line.
•  Rivers.
•  Lakes.
•  Pacific and Gulf of Mexico coastlines.
•  International boundary lines.
•  Over 6,000 points of interest.