William from Guatemala (February, 2011)

I am greatly impressed with the new update of the Guatemala map in fact it blew me away. The roads are incredibly accurate with very fine detail much more so than most of my tracks. The related information is wonderful too, finca names etc. I have some appreciation of the great amount of time and diligence you have spent gathering and putting together material for this map. Most other maps I have seen are rather inaccurate and hastily constructed but your map in most cases is dead on. Also you have included details of towns that I would not have expected to find on your maps such as La Democracia and some of the mountain towns. I will continue to examine your map to see if I can add anything from my tracks. I will send you pieces of tracks, POIs and other features as I discover them that you may want to add to your next version. Frankly, I don’t see how you accumulated all the data with such accuracy.