Scott from Canada (February 2013)

I just spent two weeks in Costa Rica. For the most part we were camping in the jungle. However, my girlfriend and I rented a car for 5 days and travelled from Malpais along the coast to the mountains in Monte Verde, then down to Palo Verde and then through the interior back to Malpais. I put this GPS Map on my Garmin GPS Map60CSx. We would have been hopelessly lost at times without this GPS Map. I would highly recommend it. Granted, there are some fairly decent road signs at certain junctions, but having this product really eased our mind when travelling these rough roads, many of which were seemingly in the middle of nowhere. For $50, it can save a lot of bickering, grief and lost time and help you enjoy your vacation adventure. Keeping in mind, you do need some common sense and problem solving skills when looking at the GPS Map versus different paper maps. I have no complaints.