Emil from the United States / Russia (January 2014)

I bought the Antigua map for Garmin GPS with some kind of suspicion. Unknown firm, they do not belong to Garmin etc. But first of all I got a lot of support in using this map from their employee. It is not so easy because this island has no street names and roads are very confused. Despite of these obstacles their GPS map was very helpful. More over, I have to say that without this GPS map I will never find the route from Airport to my resort, because we came to Antigua very late evening. The only difficulties we had was to find our villa inside of this resort. The dream is to have map of all resorts, even though I understand that it is very difficult. But during the day we used this map in order to find all necessary beaches, grocery stores, restaurants and so on. By the way, it is very cheap to feed yourself on this island from stores but very expensive from restaurants. But I don’t think that map team is responsible for prices in restaurants. (just kidding). As a summary I have to say: Thank you very much for your help with this map. It should definitely cost more than $19.95.