Instructions to Send Tracks and POIs (Points of Interest) – GPS Map Improvements

To send in your tracks from your GPS device of your travels or POIs then, please –

If you have Garmin BaseCamp on your computer:
To send your track log and waypoints:
-Connect your Garmin device to your computer
-Open Garmin BaseCamp on your computer
-Your device should show up under “Library” on the left-hand side of the screen.
-Click or highlight your device name
-Click “File” –> “Export
-Browse to where you want to save the file, select a file format (.gdb or .gpx).
-Type a file name (remember where you save it). Click Save.
-Send the .gdb or .gpx file in an email to


If you have Garmin MapSource on your computer:

-Plug in your Garmin device to your PC
-Open Garmin MapSource on your PC
-Click “Transfer” then “Receive From Device”
-Click “Find Device” if your device does not show up in the dialog.
-Make sure your GPS device displays where it says “Device:”
-Check “Waypoints”, “Tracks”, and “Routes”
-Click “Receive”. Your data is now is MapSource.
-Click “File” then “Save As”
-Type a name for the file (Remember where you are saving the file)
-Save as type – .gdb or .gpx
-Click SAVE
-Attach the .gdb or .gpx file to an email and send to

Thank You, Team