Gary Epp Regional Expert GPSTravelMaps

We would like to give Gary Epp a warm welcome to the Regional Expert family.

Gary Epp is a retired engineer based in Antigua, Guatemala. He started researching living in Central America in 2001 and started taking survey trips in 2005.

On his first trip to Costa Rica, it took three phone calls from his cab driver to find the dentist office even though they were only one block away. In Costa Rica, he was constantly getting lost because Costa Rica has no street or road signs or addresses. At the time there were no commercial GPS maps of Costa Rica. Gary figured there had to be something better and discovered an “underground” Garmin GPS map of Costa Rica made by the students of the University of Costa Rica. He was hooked.
Since then he has acquired a wide collection of home-brew GPS maps which he has used in touring the western US, Mexico, and Guatemala in his vintage Bluebird Wanderlodge RV. He is an active member of map making groups and contributes to the GIS community.