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Most detailed Egypt GPS map on the market 
The Egypt GPS map will give you turn by turn directions to your destination using a POI (point of interest), city point and/or latitude and longitude with the ability to preplan driving destinations before getting into your car.  Turn by turn can be set in any language – Arabic, English, German etc… as long as your GPS unit is set to that language.

All Garmin GPS devices are compatible with the Egypt GPS maps, but how do you know what Garmin GPS device to purchase? Please see Garmin GPS Reviews Ratings.

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This is the most comprehensive Egypt GPS map available at such an affordable price!

Egypt GPS Map Update History

v 1.5 | September 2011

•  Added roads into Cairo.
•  Added golf and parks.
•  Improved navigation.

v 1.4 | April 2011

•  Updated road classes throughout Egypt.
•  Added oneway directions throughout Egypt.
•  Added road names in Cairo, Aswan, and Alexandria.
•  Improved search.
•  Fixed Nile River display in Cairo.

v 1.3 | August 2010

•  Updated road classes in Cairo and Alexandria.
•  Improved oneway directions in Cairo.
•  Added road names throughout Cairo.

v 1.2 | April 2010

•  Added road names throughout Cairo.
•  Improved country search.
•  Improved POI search.

v 1.1 | January 2010

•  Added local roads throughout Cairo and Alexandria.
•  Improved road classes throughout Egypt.
•  Improved road geometry throughout Egypt.
•  Improved routing in Routable version of map.

•  Improved POI search function and display. v 1.0 | September 2009

•  Created original map including.
•  Highways throughout Egypt.
•  Major Roads throughout Egypt.
•  Local roads throughout Egypt.
•  Trails and dirt roads throughout Egypt.
•  32,000 points of interest.
•  Airport points and runways.
•  Mediterranean Sea and Gulf of Aden.
•  International and Provincial boundary lines.
•  Rivers, Lakes, and Railroads.
•  Over 42,000 points of interest
•  14,000 place names, virtually all rail stations, and over 2,400 ruins, tombs, and pyramids.