Barbados GPS Map v1.4 (with auto-routing)

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In our ever continuing quest to make some of the best and most affordable GPS maps for travelers (and locals!) we took some time this month and made three updates to the Barbados map. The two biggest improvements in this map are the addition of an auto-routing option for those who would like that feature (you can still purchase the basic version without auto-routing for the original price of $19.95) and a major data improvement. Details about the updates are as follows:

June 2009 v1.4
*Added 415 new POIs including Hotels, Beaches, Bays, Gov’t Buildings, Attractions, Towns and more.
*Added local street with names in Bridgetown and other areas.
*Improved road geometry for all versions.
June 2009 v1.3
*Added routable (directions) into a new version, offering turn-by-turn directions to users
*Fixed road geometry for all versions
June 2009 v1.2
*Added additional POI’s
*Added more major roads
We’re having so much fun mapping this area of the Caribbean that we’re looking into making maps for Trinidad/Tobago, St. Lucia, Grenada and more!!!