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Balcony view in Tobago. Photo by Gary Paille. (Used by permission)

Traveling in Trinidad & Tobago

Located off the coast of Venezuela, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a tiny Caribbean country comprised of two islands. Tobago, the smaller of the two islands, boasts beaches, rainforests, and swamps that make it an ideal place for relaxing ecotourism. Trinidad, meanwhile, is the more bustling and less tourist-focused of the two islands. Regardless, a range of cultural influences combined with its lively Carnival season and nightlife lend to a vibrant experience.

Getting around both islands is simple; many tourist taxis run on an unmetered rate. To navigate between Trinidad and Tobago, you must take a boat that runs two to four times per day. The trip will take you two and a half hours and cost you about eight US dollars.


5,131 km2 / 1,981 sq mi


1,225,225 (2013 estimate)

Official Language

English; regional languages include Trinidadian Creole and Tobagonian Creole


Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TTD)

Driving Orientation


Major Cities

  1. Port of Spain
  2. Crown Point
  3. San Fernando
  4. Scarborough

Top Destinations

  1. Buccoo Horseback Riding
  2. Yerette
  3. Tobago Forest Reserve
  4. Caroni Lagoon National Park

Travel Photos

Some great photos of Trinidad & Tobago.

Major Cities

Port of Spain

The capital of Trinidad and Tobago is known for its distinctive, multicultural Caribbean flair. While there is much to do in the city, be cautious after dark.


Maracas Bay The scenic, rain forested beach of Maracas Bay is about an hour drive from Port of Spain. Either bring a picnic or enjoy traditional shark and bake from one of the food vendors along the beach.

Queen’s Park Savannah Queen’s Park Savannah is about 2.2 miles in circumference, making it perfect for running. You can walk by the Magnificent Seven, a series of Spanish colonial mansions, or shop from the vendors in the park.

Royal Botanical Gardens Located inside Queen’s Park Savannah, the Royal Botanical Gardens showcase a wide range of tropical plant life. It is very peaceful, and you can take a self-guided tour by reading the plant labels or ask one of the knowledgeable guides about the ground’s history.

Western Main Road Western Main Road is busy around the clock. Bars, stores, restaurants, and street vendors line the road, so there is no lack of things to do. The area combines authenticity with trendy.


The Hyatt Regency Trinidad The Hyatt Regency Trinidad is a stylish hotel that sits on the waterfront. There is ample space to sit and observe the sea. In addition, it has conference rooms, restaurants, and a spa.

Courtyard by Marriott Port of Spain The Courtyard Port of Spain is located in the heart of an entertainment center. A short drive will take you to downtown Port of Spain, while you can walk to the Movie Towne Shopping Center. The hotel is contemporary and includes a variety of amenities to make for an enjoyable stay.

Forty Winks Inn Forty Winks Inn is a comfortable and peaceful escape from the bustle of Port of Spain. The staff is friendly, the price is reasonable, and the location is excellent. In the morning, Forty Winks Inn offers breakfast.


BUZO Osteria Italiana A stylish restaurant located in a historical building, BUZO Osteria Italiana will impress guests with its delicious Italian food and pleasant service.

Aioli For lunch, Aioli serves Mediterranean-inspired food. For dinner, it becomes an innovative European restaurant, offering excellent dishes and a newly launched tapas menu.

Chaud This upscale restaurant overlooks Queen’s Park Savannah and serves elegant, international cuisine. Expect delicious food with a perfect wine pairing for each course.

Tour Services

Viator Tours Your guide will pick you up from your hotel and provide a historical and cultural tour of Port of Spain. Besides taking you through historical districts, you will visit botanical gardens and art museums.

Crown Point


Undersea Tobago Ltd Undersea Tobago Ltd is located at the Coco Reef Resort. With trained and attentive staff, you can safely learn to scuba dive. Take excursions to the beautiful coral reefs and shipwreck sites.

Frontier Divers Whether you are a new or experienced dover, the team at Frontier Divers will give you an amazing underwater experience through their knowledge and professionalism.


Coco Reef Tobago A true taste of paradise, Coco Reef Tobago overlooks the ocean and offers easy access to the beach and snorkeling areas. The staff will make you feel at home in this Caribbean plantation styled hotel.

Native Abode Situated in the lush village of Bon Accord, Native Abode is a slice of paradise. The combination of a Caribbean village setting and the close proximity to the beach make Native Abode ideal for the traveler who seeks luxury without idleness.

Hummingbird Hotel Hummingbird Hotel sits on the sunniest part of the island. Although it is small and nestled away in a very quiet location, it is a short walk from the beaches and a thriving town. Enjoy a swim in the pool or venture to the beaches to potentially see the leatherback turtles nest.


Pasta Gallery A true testament to Pasta Gallery’s quality, locals flock to the restaurant. Simple Italian cuisine and a quaint atmosphere make for an excellent dining experience.

Kariwak Village Restaurant With local foods and an excellent selection of drinks, you will always have an authentic, enjoyable, and fresh meal at Kariwak Village Restaurant. Besides the gorgeous atmosphere, enjoy the live entertainment.

La Cantina This tiny restaurant will astound you with the perfection of its pizza. It is affordable and has an extensive offering of toppings.

Tour Services

Sailing Catamaran Picante Private Day Tours Cruise the island of Tobago for a day– or even a week if you prefer. The captain is incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating, allowing for an informative and comfortable vacation. Snorkel, enjoy the impeccable food, and keep an eye out for dolphins.

San Fernando


Harris Promenade Located in downtown San Fernando, this open amphitheater often features live music and shows. For those who want something more peaceful, a large imported statue from India and the beautiful greenery surrounding the area make it ideal for a stroll.

San Fernando Hill Also known as Naparima Hill, San Fernando Hill will allow you to see some of the most scenic and panoramic views in all of Trinidad. Gaze out over the island– and even to the Venezuelan mountains. While you’re there, enjoy a picnic or barbeque with the grills located on site.


Kalke Hotel For an escape from the bustle of San Fernando, one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most populous cities, visit Kalke Hotel for its immaculate upkeep and quiet atmosphere. Spacious rooms, cable, WiFi, a fridge, and AC are only a few of the accommodations for guests. It feels more like a bed and breakfast than hotel, so mind the noise.


Palki Restaurant Step into India for a few hours when visiting Palki Restaurant. The decor and authentic cuisine contribute to the atmosphere. Knowledgeable and friendly staff will explain any dish to you. For an excellent meal and even better desserts at a reasonable price, come to Palki.

L’attitude Restaurant With an affordable variety of dishes, everyone can find something they enjoy at L’attiude. This restaurant fills a niche in San Fernando, which can often offer only limited food options. For those looking to expand their horizons while receiving great service, L’attitude is perfect.



Zoe Snorkeling Charter You will see exotic fish, beautiful reefs, and possibly dolphins in this excursion along the northwest Tobagonian coast. Whether you want to snorkel or simply enjoy the boat die, this is a perfect, relaxing activity.

Island Girl Catamaran Make a day of exploring the Caribbean seas. With Island Girl Catamaran, you can snorkel and enjoy the scenery. They provide lunch: fresh fish caught during your cruise.

Argyle Waterfall About 25 kilometers outside Scarborough sits the three-tiered Argyle Waterfall. After a mile hike through the beautiful rainforest, you will reach the falls. Enjoy a cool, relaxing swim or scale the falls.

Fort King George This British colonial fort was built in the 1700s. The site grounds and the view from the fort are impeccable. After you have walked around the fort, visit the museum to learn about the three-hundred-year-long history of Fort King George.


A small town, Scarborough does not have any hotels. Rather, it boasts a wide array of charming bed and breakfast places.

Hummingbird Heights Located in a very safe and quiet area of Scarborough, Hummingbird Heights allows space for six. They offer a complimentary ride from the airport to the hotel, which will take approximately 25 minutes. Relax by the pool or walk to the beach or town center.


Salsa Kitchen Tapas Restaurant Salsa Kitchen Tapas is a house-turned-restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and incredibly fresh and flavorful menu. Be sure to reserve a table before you arrive as space can be limited.

La Tartaruga Italian Restaurant Enjoy delicious Italian cuisine served to you by the chef. The welcoming staff and the cozy atmosphere make it perfect for a romantic dinner.

Basil’s Restaurant and Bar Basil’s operates out of an old mansion that it has transformed into an excellent Caribbean restaurant. The friendly staff and the beautiful lighting creates an inviting atmosphere.

Top Destinations

Buccoo Horseback Riding

No experience is needed to enjoy this two hour excursion. After choosing your horse, ride through the town of Buccoo, through a mangrove swamp, and along the beach. Conclude the ride with a swim in the bay with the horses. Book well in advance due to limited space.


You will be dazzled by the colorful display of over 200 species of hummingbirds. An older couple who has opened their property to both tourists and birds will guide you, teach you about the birds, and provide afternoon tea and lunch.

Tobago Forest Reserve

Founded in the 1700s in a response to deforestation, Tobago Forest Reserve will impress you with beautiful and diverse flora and fauna. Take the rainforest hike either on your own or with a tour guide. This location is ideal for birdwatchers.

Caroni Lagoon National Park

Snakes, anteaters, crabs, and scarlet ibises are only a few of the wildlife species that populate this reserve. Take the riverboat cruise for the best experience in which you may see caimans and a four-eyed fish.

Trinidad & Tobago Travel Links

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