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Photo by Tony Hisgett. (Used by permission)

Traveling in St. Lucia

St. Lucia, an island of the Lesser Antilles, shares the name of Saint Lucy of Syracuse. French, English, African, and Indian influences color the culture of the tiny country. Its warm, tropical climate as well as its place as one of the top banana producers make it a hotspot for tourism. However, St. Lucia is best when experienced away from the beach.

Mountains, hills, and volcanoes fill the spaces of the country not touched by rainforests. Meanwhile, the busy but not overwhelming cities offer vibrant cultural and historical experiences. For those who prefer activity-filled and action-driven days, St. Lucia is the perfect vacation spot.


617 km2 / 238.23 sq mi


173,765 (2009 census)

Official Language



East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)

Driving Orientation


Major Cities

  1. Castries
  2. Vieux Fort
  3. Soufriere
  4. Gros Islet

Top Destinations

  1. Pitons
  2. Pigeon Island National Park
  3. Morne Coubaril Estate
  4. Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef
  5. Latille Waterfalls and Gardens

Travel Photos

Some great photos of St. Lucia.

Major Cities



Eudovic’s Art Studio Eudovic’s Art Studio features beautiful, authentic wood sculptures. You can purchase a work of art from a range of styles and prices. In addition, you can tour the studios and watch the artist sculpt new pieces.

Rodney Bay Rodney Bay is a large lagoon that hosts an array of shops, restaurants, bars, and a casino. For those who want to enjoy a relaxing getaway while in St. Lucia, Rodney Bay is ideal. It also has a gorgeous beach, whose merchants do not pressure you while you are there.

Immaculate Conception Church Paintings and stained glass windows are the centerpiece of this historic cathedral. Those who work in the building are very knowledgeable about its history and that of St. Lucia.

Maria Islands Nature Reserve Maria Islands Nature Reserve is an untouched piece of nature that even many locals have not visited. Beautiful waters, a vibrant ecosystem, and countless native species, including lizards, will delight visitors. A boat will take you to this picturesque, well-preserved site, but be sure to bring comfortable shoes to hike through the reserve.

Morne Fortune Morne Fortune, meaning Hill of Good Luck, allows a striking view of the city and surrounding areas. On its peak, it hosts Fort Charlotte, which is one of the few colonial British buildings that escaped the many fires that once destroyed Castries..


Villa Beach Cottages Villa Beach Cottages is a stunning, beachfront hotel that offers a different experience from all-inclusive hotels that line the beaches of St. Lucia. The pool, the rich flora, and the welcoming staff will make you feel as if you are in luxury; however, the hotel is conveniently located within a short distance from shopping and restaurant centers.

The BodyHoliday, LeSport The BodyHoliday Resort is an all-inclusive hotel located in an isolated, picturesque area of the city. Apart from the beautiful view of the Caribbean, you will enjoy the focus on wellness and the staff's hospitality. A gym, a spa, and a full schedule of sports and wellness activities will allow you to enjoy your vacation however you like.

Rendezvous Resort Beautiful views, delicious food, and a mission centered around creating a comfortable, intimiate atmosphere, Rendezvous Resort is perfect for couples. It has gardens, a man made river that guests can float through, and a pool.

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort The hillside villas of Windjammer Landing have balconies that you can sit out on, enjoy a drink, and watch the waves of the Caribean. Whether you choose the all-inclusive package or to self-cater, you will have a luxury experience. If you wish, the hotel staff will help you plan outside excursions.


The Pink Plantation House This former plantation house nestled in the tropical plantlife now is a high-class Caribbean restaurant. The old charm of the restaurant is enhanced by the tableware, which was handmade by the owner.

The Coal Pot The Coal Pot has a beautiful ambiance, from the warm staff, to the waterside locale, to the one-of-a-kind works of art that decorate the restaurant. The food is absolutely delicious; it is a combination of traditional Caribbean and French.

Chic This high-class French fusion restaurant will not disappoint Professional staff, an attentive chef, and amazing food all make the experience great. The menu is creative and constantly changing, although the chef will accommodate guests with dietary needs.

Blue Monkey Cafe Frequented by tourists and locals alike, Blue Monkey Cafe has a cool and positive vibe created by the staff and the decor. It has excellent coffee and delicious, simple food. Best of all, it is open all day.

Tour Services

Cosol ToursWhile Cosol Tours mostly market their services towards cruise ship passengers, other visitors to the island are welcome to participate in a more comprehensive day tour. Historical sites, natural scenery, and shopping trips are only a few of the attractions that you can see.

Vieux Fort


Sandy Beach Sandy Beach is a picturesque Caribbean setting. Clear waters, white sand, and warm weather are all constant. You can snorkel, swim, eat at the restaurants lining the beach, or take a nearby zip line excursion. Locals arrive on Sunday, so come during the week if you would like a quieter trip.


Villa Caribbean Dream Small and quaint, Villa Caribbean Beach is everything a relaxing beach vacation should be. It has only four rooms with an additional one-room cottage. The excellent service and the secluded location make it ideal for honeymooners.

Cedar Palm Villa Cedar Palm Villa is much different from many beach resorts. It is located in a small suburb and has only nine rooms. However, it has all the amenities including AC, TV, and WiFi.

Castles in Paradise Villa Resort Castles in Paradise Villa Resort has 15 villas, some with their own pool. The central pool is gorgeous and has its own bar and restaurant. Tropical and tranquil, it is perfectly located: it is mere steps from the beach and only five minutes away from the airport.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort Coconut Bay Beach Resort is immense: it has tennis courts, basketball courts, pools, bars, restaurants, and even its own waterpark. However, you will still receive attentive, quality service that will make your vacation luxurious. Right on the beach, five minutes away from the airport, and conveniently located around major points of interest, it has the perfect location.


The Reef Beach Cafe The Reef Beach Cafe is located right on the beach and has outdoor seating. Its menu includes local cuisine, some international dishes, and amazing seafood. Enjoy a drink in the sun, whether it’s the rum punch, a milkshake made with local cocoa, or fruit juices.

The Old Plantation Yard The Old Plantation Yard features a daily menu, which guarantees everything is completely fresh. The atmosphere is quaint; you can eat your meal in the shaded garden outside the restaurant. For exceptional, authentic food, great service, and a less touristy vibe, The Old Plantation Yard is perfect.

Tour Services

More Than a Cab Tours More Than a Cab offers personalized tours to a wide range of visitors to St. Lucia. They do airport shuttles, hotel transportation, and individualized tours of the island for reasonable prices. They are kind, accommodating, and informative. You may stop along the tour to enjoy certain sites up close.



Tet Paul Nature Trail Located just outside a small farming community, Tet Paul Nature Trail offers beautiful views during its 45 minute, upward-climbing hike. You can stop along the way at a picnic area, a pond, an organic farm, and an art exhibit. Beautiful, exotic foliage lines the trail grounds.

Anse Mamin Anse Mamin is a beautiful beach that offers stunning views, snorkeling, and scuba lessons. However, the focal point of the area is the sugar plantation of the same name. You can jog through the grounds off-hours or take a guided tour to understand the historical significance of the beautiful site.

Diamond Botanical Gardens Diamond Botanical Gardens features breathtaking views, dense exotic foliage, waterfalls, and hotsprings. Enjoy the wildlife, from insects to birds. However, the city Soufriere means ‘sulphur’-- and the gardens attest to the name. It is very hot, so dress accordingly.

Church of the Assumption Overlooking a square in the city center nearby the beach, the Church of the Assumption stands out with its beautiful, old French architecture. Inside, it is a wealth of history, culture, and art. It also offers services that combine the many cultures that have shaped St. Lucia for a truly authentic island experience.

Sulphur Springs The Sulphur Springs is advertized as the world’s only drive-in volcano. Black waters, rich in minerals, boil from the center of the massive crater and sends up huge amounts of steam. Some areas have cooler water that tourists and locals alike may enter and bathe in. The mud at the banks is said to have healing properties.


Jade Mountain Resort Jade Mountain Resort sits just above the Anse Chastanet beach. While the view of the beach is incredible, the architecture of the resort is just as stunning. Bridges, columns, and infinity pools fill the grounds. It prides itself on being private and relaxing, having only limited access to technoogical conveniences.

Crystals Crystals appears as if it is energing from the natural surroundings. With romantic, intimate cottages featuring pools and in-house spa treatments, it is an ideal getaway for couples. The treehouse bar serves complimentary rum punch during happy hour.

Fond Doux Holiday Plantation Fond Doux Holiday Plantation is comprised of 12 cottages situated in a beautiful, tropical setting. They have a pool, a spa, and well-kept gardens for you to enjoy during your stay. In addition, the beaches and the natural landmarks are all conveniently located a short distance away.

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort Sugar Beach combines colonial architecture with moddern luxury. The resort aims to integrate with nature as much as possible; each villa is named for a natural landmark and offers incredible views of the surrounding areas. Enjoy the pool or take the free shuttle to the beach.


Martha’s Tables Quaint, friendly, and a bit quirky, Martha’s Tables offers delicious Caribbean food at some of the cheapest prices in St. Lucia.

Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar delivers an incredible dining experience, from the food, to the service, to the atmosphere. The small, intimate restaurant serves high-quality Caribbean food.

Le Cafe Le Cafe is a small cafe in the middle of town. The food is all fresh and made to order. The host is both friendly and very knowledgeable about the surrounding area, so stop in for great coffee, pastries, and a warm welcome to St. Lucia.

The Mango Tree The Mango Tree offers flavorful and fresh Caribbean cuisine with a beautiful view. Be sure to try their juices made from local fruit.

Gros Islet


Island Riders Take a ride through the town of Gros Islet on horseback. Halfway through the tour, enjoy a drink at the bar to relax and stretch your legs. At the conclusion, you can spend time with the horses in the ocean. The animals are well cared for, and the guides are very accommodating for riders of all backgrounds and knowledgeable about the area.

Gros Islet Street Party Every Friday evening, a vibrant event springs up in the streets of Gros Islet. Local vendors selling their wares and local food line the roads. People stay out late in the bars, who extend their hours for the festivities.


East Winds Inn East Winds Inn is one of the oldest resorts around. It offers a gorgeous pool with a swim-up bar, its own restaurant, and a shop. The hotel is rather small and located on the beachfront, so it is ideal for those looking for a quiet vacation.

Bay Gardens Beach Resort Bay Gardens Beach Resort has an incredible location. It is situated in town, where bars, restaurants, and clubs come alive at night. For daytime fun, it also has ready access to the beach. It has many bars and restaurants within the resort as well as all amenities.

The Landings St. Lucia The Landings St. Lucian offers not only beautiful beach views, but a wide range of activities and ammenities. Spacious rooms, a spa, a health club, tennis courts, and water sports are just a few of their offerings. Its picturesque view on the marina allows you to observe the beach and the yachts.

Coco Palm ResortAn enthusiastic, helpful staff combined with the excellent location just steps away from the beach and shopping areas contribute to the atmosphere of the Coco Palm Resort. It offers transporation services as well as tours, all of which the observant and friendly concierge will assist you in.


Spice of India Spice of India is a slice of India in St. Lucia. The menu is both authentic and delicious, which the attentive wait staff and owner will ensure. Both the dishes and the fruit juice are fresh and flavorful.

Elegance Cafe Elegance Cafe is an international health food restaurant that is heavily influenced by Indian cuisine. The service is excellent, the atmosphere is welcoming and unpretentious, and the food is both great and presented beautifully.

Flavours of the Grill Although many tourists visit, its ambiance and menu make it seem local and authentic. The food is excellent Caribbean-style fare for some of the most reasonable prices in Gros Islet. The staff will make you feel right at home.

La Terrasse This small, quiet restaurant is situated in a picturesque garden. The atmosphere is quaint and intimate, while their French-inspired food is sublime. The owners are friendly and will ensure that you have a great experience.

Tour Services

St. Lucia by Kirk St. Lucia by Kirk is equal parts tour, history lessons, and photography lessons. Take a trip to several areas in St. Lucia, led by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, who will both give you an authentic island experience and excellent photo opportunities. You will learn the basics of photography before you receive a personally-tailored tour based on what you want to see and memorialize on camera.

Aanansi ATV Tours Aanansi ATV Tours will get you from your hotel, teach you to operate the ATVs, and give you a guided driving tour through nature trails, plantations, and villages. This two-hour tour will give you an overview of the history of the area and some excitement away from resort life.

Top Destinations


The Pitons are the most iconic landmark of St. Lucia. They are two mountains over a volcano that are linked by a ridge. One is named the Petit, and the other is called the Gros Piton. You can climb to the peaks on your own or with someone who knows the trails. While it is by no means mountain climbing, it can be strenuous. However, you will be rewarded with some of the most gorgeous views in St. Lucia.

Pigeon Island National Park

Enjoy the hike to the top of the hill at Pigeon Island. Both the views and the knowledge you will gain from the guided tour will make the climb worth your while. Cool off in the ocean and relax on the pristine beaches when you have finished.

Morne Coubaril Estate

Morne Coubaril Estate was once a chocolate plantation. Take a tour of the historic grounds to learn about the history and the process of chocolate-making from growing it to eating the finished product. Enjoy local cuisine, the on-site buffet, or the fruit straight from the trees. There is also a zip line excursion that leaves from the area, which will give you a stunning view and a thrill outside the relaxing beach setting.

Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef

Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef has pristine sand and beautiful, clear, and warm waters that have abundant marine life. There is no better place in St. Lucia for snorkeling; you can swim amongst the fish and observe the gorgeous coral reefs. In addition, admire the patches of black sand created by the nearby volcanoes.

Latille Waterfall and Gardens

You will find the waterfalls just where the rainforest begins. The area is filled with vibrant flowers and fruit trees as well as extensive wildlife. Explore the grounds or dive from the 20 foot waterfall that empties into a beautiful swimming hole. After your swim, walk through the well-kept gardens and drink in all the natural beauty that makes St. Lucia so popular.

St. Lucia Travel Links

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