William from Panama (October, 2013)

Let me start by saying I would be LOST without my GPS TravelMaps. Just downloaded Panama 3.4 and now the road to Cerro Punta displays as well as the city of Volcan. Still missing some of the finer details, like Paso Ancho streets aren’t included yet, but a much better product. Directions will tell you to turn on a street that does exist in the real world even if you can’t see it on the map. I don’t know if the following have been fixed yet or not but: 1- My first trip to PTY last November I ended up on the wrong side of the airport and the GPS was telling me to drive across the airport to get to the terminal. Missed our flight, $$$ 2- A month ago I was trying to get to Country Inns and Suites Panama Canal from the interior and ended up at a locked gate on the north side of the Bridge of the Americas. Directions were to turn left on Calle La Boca. Should have went one more block to Ave Amador.