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Sri Lanka GPS Map for Garmin Devices

v 2.8 | September 2018

This Sri Lanka GPS map provides you with turn-by-turn directions to your destination using a point of interest (POI), city point, and/or latitude and longitude, with the ability to pre-plan driving destinations before getting into your car.

The easy-to-follow instructions allow you to download and install the map into Garmin BaseCamp desktop software and transfer it to your Garmin GPS in minutes. This installable map is compatible with most Garmin GPS automotive devices.

It’s like having your own personal travel guide with you on your trip!

GPS Unit Screenshots

Below are some images of the Sri Lanka GPS map as viewed on a Garmin Nuvi GPS device.

BaseCamp® Screenshots

To get a better sense of the map’s details and features, click on the thumbnail images below. The screenshots are of the map as viewed in Garmin BaseCamp®, which provides an interface for viewing Garmin-compatible map products and managing geographic data. Click here to learn more about BaseCamp’s features.

Customer Reviews

Anna Larsen

RecommendednEasy to find, what you need, easy to order. A bit tricky to download the map, but if you read and follow the guidelines, there are no problems.

December 05, 2016

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Happy customernTransaction was quick, easy and then installation completely hassle-free. It looks like this map will work well as my device is reading everything correctly. Few months to go to my trip so I will test it there much better.
December 14, 2016
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Junia Alva
Purchase of Sri Lanka MapsnThank you, the purchase was easy and secure!

Now to check out the maps in person
July 12, 2012
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Garmin Map Sri LankanIt is an excellent map. Very much better than previous map. More details and more eye catching designs.

July 25, 2017
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Vijayanthi Hettige
Great choice!nMaps were installed without any hassle. Instructions were simple and accurate. There are further improvements to the content of the maps but happy with what is there for now.
August 23, 2013
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August 30, 2013
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Bas verstraeten
Sri lankanGlad thatI had my GPS on my motorcycle. Whithout i would have had more troubles in finding my way.

I would change the firts search " provincie" because it is difficult to know the name of the " provincie"
August 12, 2013
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Malinda Savanadasa
Add new Expressways & Highways nDear Sir,

Please add the new Expressways & Highways,

Colombo - Katunayake Expressway

Southern Expressway

Colombo Outer Circular Highway

Katunayake - Padeniya - Anuradhapura Highway
May 20, 2013
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Nick Marmont
Sri lankanMap is okay but lacking in detailed coverage and smaller roads especially in north eg Mannar Jaffna.

Is there any chance of update with more detail??

This applies not only to cartography but also POIs

Comments appreciated

December 06, 2013
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Spekkers Herman
Routable Garmin gpsmap - SrilankanRoutable Garmin gpsmap - Srilanka.

Bought for 29 Dollar wich is cheap.

I wanted a more detailed map. This one is verry limmited.


October 28, 2012
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Delivery Options and Updates

Digital Download

Download and install your new digital map immediately after payment is complete. It’s simple, fast, and you’ll be using your new map within minutes for your travels!

Please refer to our Install Instructions for additional information.

SD Memory Card

If you’d prefer the convenience of not installing the map yourself, we can ship you the map preloaded onto a SD memory card via US Postal Service Priority Mail. Just plug it in to your Garmin unit and you’ll be ready to go!

Map Updates

Customers are eligible for one free update from their purchased map version (e.g., v1.0 to v1.1).

After the free update, new updates can be purchased for 50% off by selecting the update option in our online store.

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Why Buy A Map For Your GPS Device?

On average the cost of renting a GPS from a car rental company is US$12 per day in addition to your standard car rental fees. By using your own Garmin GPS and purchasing a map for your travel destination, you will begin saving money within days and the map is yours to use on subsequent trips.

GPS devices are great to use while traveling because they work worldwide without needing a cell phone signal or other paid service to operate. However, without a map, the GPS won’t be able to provide road navigation outside of your home area/country. By purchasing a map and installing it on your GPS device, you’ll be able to use your Garmin to provide you accurate car navigation, attentive installation help from our staff if you need it and you’ll get the most out of your travels!

Device Compatibility

This installable GPS map is compatible with most Garmin GPS devices. Still not sure? Click here to view a list of some of the devices that our maps are compatible with. Show | Hide

All maps are compatible with most Garmin GPS units. Examples of compatible units are found below:

Garmin nuvi 200W
Garmin nuvi 205W
Garmin nuvi 250 + 250W
Garmin nuvi 260
Garmin nuvi 260W
Garmin nuvi 30
Garmin nuvi 350
Garmin nuvi 360
Garmin nuvi 370
Garmin nuvi 40
Garmin nuvi 50
Garmin nuvi 650
Garmin nuvi 660
Garmin nuvi 670
Garmin nuvi 680
Garmin nuvi 750
Garmin nuvi 760
Kenwood DNX9960
Kenwood DNX6160

Garmin nuvi 780
Garmin nuvi 850
Garmin nuvi 880
Garmin nuvi 255W
Garmin nuvi 265W
Garmin nuvi 275/275T
Garmin nuvi 755/755T
Garmin nuvi 765/765T
Garmin nuvi 855
Garmin nuvi 885/885T
Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx
Garmin GPSMAP 76Cx
Garmin GPSMAP 76
Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx
Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx
Garmin GPSMAP 60
Garmin eTrex Vista HCx
Kenwood DNX7160
Kenwood DNX5120

Garmin eTrex Venture HC
Garmin eTrex Summit HC
Garmin eTrex Legend HCx
Garmin eTrex Legend H
Garmin Colorado 400t
Garmin Colorado 400i
Garmin Colorado 400c
Garmin Colorado 300
Garmin Oregon 550t
Garmin Oregon 550
Garmin Oregon 400t
Garmin Oregon 400i
Garmin Oregon 400c
Garmin Oregon 300
Garmin Oregon 200
Garmin Dakota 20
Garmin Dakota 10
Kenwood DNX6960
Kenwood KNA-G610

NOTE: This is a partial list. Our installable maps are compatible with any Garmin GPS device for cars except for the Garmin Drive 51LMT-S and Garmin BMW Navigator.

Sri Lanka GPS Map Update History

v 2.8 | September 2018

  • Reviewed and improved vehicle navigation
  • Added additional roads throughout Sri Lanka

v 2.6 | March 2017

  • Added points of interest throughout Sri Lanka
  • Added roads

v 2.5 | July 2016

  • Added roads throughout Sri Lanka
  • Added points of interest throughout Sri Lanka
  • Improved navigation

v 2.4 | March 2016

  • Added roads throughout Sri Lanka
  • Added points of interest throughout Sri Lanka
  • Improved park, lake and river features
  • Improved navigation

v 2.3 | October 2015

  • Improved navigation

v 2.2 | April 2015

  • Updated roads in Kandy, Colombo, Matara, Jaffna, Trincomalee
  • Added points of interest throughout Sri Lanka
  • Improved park, lake and river features
  • Improved navigation

v 2.1 | June 2013

  • Added 523 km of new roads
  • Improved navigation

v 2.0 | December 2012

  • Added 853 km of roads
  • Added road names to more than 600 km of roads
  • Added 269 new points of interest
  • Added more lakes and airport areas
  • Added 57 km of railroad

v 1.9 | August 2012

  • Added 1,300 km of roads
  • Added more Parks, Lakes, and Rivers
  • Added roads in Beliatta, Weligama, and Tangalla
  • Added Baddegama and Kurundugahahetekma Interchanges

v 1.8 | August 2012

  • Added over 900 km of roads
  • Incorporated feedback from users

v 1.7 | June 2012

  • Added roads per customer feedback
  • Improved roads in Kandy
  • Added more B highways
  • Improved display and navigation

v 1.6 | May 2012

  • Added various points of interest in Colombo area
  • Added Phone to points of interest
  • Added national parks
  • Fixed search issue that required capital letters
  • Added roads in rural areas outside Colombo

v 1.5 | April 2012

  • Added road names in Colombo and surrounding areas
  • Improved navigation

v 1.4 | March 2012

  • Improved highways and major roads throughout Sri Lanka
  • Added road names in Colombo
  • Added various points of interest
  • Added roads in Jaffna

v 1.3 | January 2012

  • Added roads to Kirindiwela, Radawana
  • Added Major Roads throughout Sri Lanka
  • Added Lakes

v 1.2 | January 2012

  • Added roads to Trincomalee, Batticaloa, Kottukal, Maruthamunai, and the rest of the eastern coastline
  • Added roads to Puttalam
  • Improved Searching

v 1.1 | December 2011

  • Added road names throughout Sri Lanka
  • Added roads throughout Sri Lanka
  • Added points of interest
  • Improved navigation & search functions

v 1.0 | November 2011

  • Created original map, including:
  • Highways throughout Sri Lanka
  • Major and Local Roads throughout Sri Lanka
  • Rivers & Streams
  • City and town points
  • Various points of interest
  • Airport points and runways
  • Ocean
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