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GPS map of St. Martin / Maarten | Version 2.9 Published Jan. 2024

This GPS map will give you turn by turn directions to your destination using a POI (point of interest), city point and/or latitude and longitude with the ability to preplan driving destinations before getting into your car. Includes thousands of POI’s such as hotels, restaurants, fuel stations, and more. The easy to follow instructions allow you to download and install the map into Garmin Basecamp desktop software and transfer it to your Garmin GPS in minutes. Compatible with ALL Garmin GPS units. Don’t pay more than US$10 per day when you already own a Garmin; this is the most comprehensive GPS map available at such an affordable price!

* Map updates require previous purchase and installation of map.

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53 reviews for St. Martin / Maarten

David Skorupa
My guess is the map needed an up update, there was very few places we could find 3 actually. We were really disappointed.
June 18, 2024
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The maps for Sint Maarten were virtually worthless. We were not able to find addresses or points of interest. We used Google Maps instead. This was a waste of money.
June 05, 2024
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Mark Bushnell
Grenada map great, not St Vincent mapnI purchased two maps, Grenada and St Vincent. The Grenada map was great, but the St Vincent map failed to load and didn't work at all.
July 22, 2014
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DisappointednI was disappointed in the whole process of installing the map on my computer, transferring the map to my GPS and not being able to use the map at my destination. I tried to install the map several times on my computer and got suck at the password portion. The password that was provided did not work. I entered it manually and did a cut and paste. I even had other people try to enter the password and they were unsuccessful as I was. I contacted customer service and they provided two alternate passwords; only one of the password's worked. That was the first hurdle. The second hurdle was trying to transfer the map to my GPS. That took several attempts. I was able to see that the map was finally loaded on my GPS before I left the USA. I attempted to use my GPS at my destination and was unsuccessful. I had other people try to enter addresses/points of interest and they were unsuccessful as well. I had to rely on an actual map and the natives to get around.
July 06, 2018
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Wrong Password - Could Not DownloadnWas able to download the product but not install, the password provided did not work. Customer service did not respond. Feel like I wasted $20.
June 13, 2018
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joseph dyer
Doesn't worknThis product does not work properly. The navigation sometimes works and sometimes fails. For example on 1 occasion it showed a straight line road where no road existed. On another occasion it kept stating "calculating" but never calculated. Poor product for St Maarten.
May 30, 2017
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Helen Meehan-Selleck
Download didn't work for menCould not download this to my GPS. Not sure if it was because I have an apple computer. But it would not recognize my device.
February 28, 2016
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Map never worked correctly hard to load to decicenI was unable to use this map on my vacation. Thankfully you really don't need a nap to get around St. Martin. Very difficult to load onto my device as well.
June 23, 2015
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Mark Kotlarich
Order incompletenFirst I ordered the card from GPS. Contacted them two weeks before leaving asking when it would be sent. They said there was a mix-up, received card two days before leaving. Card was wrong size for GPS. Checking card on laptop it had no data on it. Went out to store, bought right size card for GPS and downloaded the program myself from web site. Paying again for same program. Map worked great in St Martin. Far as the company's performance? I am not so impressed with the company.
February 20, 2015
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Ricardo Aboudib
Return of usernThe Maps are terrible. We can not find restaurants or store. The division in two countries was a bad idea and make everything more dificult
October 01, 2014
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