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Costa Rica GPS Map

  • Works with ALL Garmin devices
  • Voice directions in any language
  • Will not delete your current maps
  • Cheaper than renting a GPS

Costa Rica GPS Map for Garmin Devices


The Costa Rica GPS map provide you with accurate turn by turn driving directions to your destination using a point of interest (POI), city point, and/or latitude and longitude, with the ability to preplan driving destinations before getting into your car. The map has been updated frequently since 2008 to provide you with the best GPS navigation in Costa Rica at the most affordable price. Whether you are planning to see volcanos or sea turtles, surf or bird watch, ATV or horse ride, zipline or golf, the Costa Rica GPS map will get you there with confidence.

The easy to follow instructions allow you to download and install the map into Garmin BaseCamp desktop software and transfer it to your Garmin GPS in minutes. This installable map is compatible with ALL Garmin GPS units.

It's like having your own personal travel guide with you on your trip!

Latest Costa Rica Update: September 2018 v7.6

GPS Unit Screenshots

Below are some images of the Costa Rica GPS map as viewed on a Garmin Nuvi GPS device.

BaseCamp® Screenshots

To get a better sense of the map's details and features, click on the thumbnail images below. The screenshots are of the map as viewed in Garmin BaseCamp®, which provides an interface for viewing Garmin-compatible map products and managing geographic data. Click here to learn more about BaseCamp's features.

See the Map in a Garmin Nuvi

Delivery Options and Updates

You can select whether you'd like to download and install your map or have a pre-loaded SD card shipped to you.

Digital Download

Download and install your digital map immediately after payment is complete. It's simple, fast, and you'll be using your new map within minutes for your travels!

Please refer to our Install Instructions for additional information.

SD Memory Card

If you'd prefer the convenience of not installing the map yourself, we can ship you the map preloaded onto a SD memory card via US Postal Service Priority Mail. Just plug it in to your Garmin unit and you'll be ready to go!

Map Updates

Customers are eligible for one free update from their purchased map version (e.g., v1.0 to v1.1).

After the free update, new updates can be purchased for 50% off by selecting the update option in our online store.

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Map Stats At A Glance

Our maps provide the most complete offline GPS navigation experience available.

Roads (km): 20,406
Points of Interest:14,122
Gas Stations:301
Car Rentals:138
Trails (km):2,180
Rivers (km):11,407
Railroads (km):969
Coastlines (km):74,993
All major airports, hospitals, embassies, consulates and government offices are included in the map.

Why Buy A Map For Your GPS Device?

On average the cost of renting a GPS from a car rental company is US$12 per day in addition to your standard car rental fees. By using your own Garmin GPS and purchasing a map for your travel destination, you will begin saving money within days and the map is yours to use on subsequent trips.

GPS devices are great to use while traveling because they work worldwide without needing a cell phone signal or other paid service to operate. However, without a map, the GPS won't be able to provide road navigation outside of your home area/country. By purchasing a map and installing it on your GPS device, you'll be able to use your Garmin to provide you accurate car navigation, attentive installation help from our staff if you need it and you'll get the most out of your travels!

Customer Comments

Here are a few notes from people that have used our maps.

I was reluctant to purchase the map for Costa Rica but I made a good choice in doing so. The map was accurate all of the time except for 2 times, in a week of travel. Once the map took me to a road that didn't exist the other time it couldn't find a restaurant (it was open for only 2 months. You have to use points of interest in Costa Rica and just enter the name (park, restaurant, etc ) and your GPS will get you there. Excellent customer service. I had questions about downloading the map and got immediate responses to my questions. Highly recommend the map. BTW Hertz wanted $12 per day for their GPS.

— Jim from the USA (March 2015)

I thought I would be able to use Waze in Costa Rica. It turned out that the data charges were very high. This GPS worked out well. Everything was accurate. No voice designation of the upcoming turn but it is not a problem. Slight glitch is that if there is a bend in the road, it shows as an angle turn instead of a smooth turn. No big deal. One thing I would like to see is an indication of the quality of the road. Many of the secondary roads in Costa Rica are really poor. We probably one not have made one trip if we realized how poor the road was. I'm very happy we purchased this map and will do the same for future travels.

— David from the USA (November 2014)

Just got back from Costa Rica and I am so happy that I purchased the maps for the country it really works,thank you

— Luis from the USA (August 2014)

I never do reviews, BUT, after reading some questionable reviews and still deciding to buy this map download, I have to say, these maps ROCK! They were dead on and got us all through the country in our tiny Hyundai manual 5-speed. We were so grateful to have the maps as so many of the roads in CR remain unlabeled and we had no idea where to turn. Thank you for this product - I highly recommend them.

— Catherine from the USA (March 2014)

We were headed to Costa Rica and at the last minute decided to bring the Garmin as we would be driving around quite a bit. I purchased this map while connected to wifi at the airport and installed it while on the plane. Never done it before, but it was simple. Once here, we found not much English spoken and directions were quite cryptic. But 2 minutes with the Garmin and this map and we were off and running. It has known every lodge we've been to and even all the back roads to get to places. It took us on a slightly more complicated, but MUCH quicker route from San Jose to Guanacoste, saving probably at least 30 minutes. Extremely well worth the $50!

— Marc from the USA (December 2013)

I travel about 4 times a year to Costa Rica for business purposes. I purchased the Costa Rica map and loaded it to my Garmin GPS. I have been visiting all of my clients, and saving their location on the map. Until now I have had to hire a driver on every trip. I think in a couple more trips I will have covered (and loaded) all my client´s locations, so I plan to rent a car and let my Garmin lead me to every customer. Excellent tool!

— James from the USA (October 2013)

In the past year I have visited Costa Rica for about a month and have driven over 3,000 kms. I'm interested in the country so I have driven north to Tamarindo and as far south as Palmar Sur. I simply wouldn't do it without these maps. They are dirt cheap compared to getting lost or trying to reconcile your location with a paper map. It's very difficult when you get off into the mountains and there are roads going in all different directions. You are going to Costa Rica. Spend the money (peanuts really) and know where you are!

— User from Canada (August 2013)

I just spent two weeks in Costa Rica. For the most part we were camping in the jungle. However, my girlfriend and I rented a car for 5 days and travelled from Malpais along the coast to the mountains in Monte Verde, then down to Palo Verde and then through the interior back to Malpais. I put this GPS Map on my Garmin GPS Map60CSx. We would have been hopelessly lost at times without this GPS Map. I would highly recommend it. Granted, there are some fairly decent road signs at certain junctions, but having this product really eased our mind when travelling these rough roads, many of which were seemingly in the middle of nowhere. For $50, it can save a lot of bickering, grief and lost time and help you enjoy your vacation adventure. Keeping in mind, you do need some common sense and problem solving skills when looking at the GPS Map versus different paper maps. I have no complaints.

— Scott from Canada (February 2013)

Honestly...I have no idea how we could have enjoyed Costa Rica without your GPS maps. We traveled for a month, stopping only for a 2 or 3 day visit and then moved on. We covered from Liberia, to Grecia, to Nosara and up the Nicoya Pacific coast all the way to the national park at the northern border. We absolutely would not have enjoyed our trip if we had been constantly lost. Thanks to your maps, we were not lost.

— Cynthia from the USA (May 2012)

I have tried your software. It is great, very accurate. Everything got smoothly. Thank you.

— Sergio from Sasso Rent A Car, Escazu, Costa Rica (April 2011)

This year we were there for 1 month and put about 2,500 miles on the rental car, so we saw a lot of the country but there is still so much more to see. With the help of a National geographic road map and your GPS map navigating the country was no problem. As I mentioned before my laptop was stolen while we were there and was missed, with your map in Mapsource this was our main planning tool.

— Ed from Canada (March 2011)

Just got back, your map had it, it was called Casa de Lola. Map worked great no problems. Thank you.

— Kenneth from USA (December 2010)

I'm back from CR. I have to tell you that your map worked great in CR!!!! I think it is a wonderful map! There are many, many small tracks…… I think that my problem was that I tried think as street routing on your map while I was in Germany! Please tell other users that may be because of the distance – your map works well on an Garmin device such as Oregon 450T being/standing in the right country!

— Johannes from Germany (October 2010)

Just came back from Costa Rica. WORKS PERFECT!!!

— Frans from Belgium (August 2010)

Many thanks for your fine Costa Rica map. It bailed us out on many on occasions, coming through with extraordinary detail in the places we needed it most. For example, with a bridge out between Atenas and San Ramon we relied entirely on the GPS to find us a route through the highlands. From the road, farm lanes and through roads were indistinguishable to the eye. The GPS armed with your map saw us through perfectly. I can't imagine vacationing in Costa Rica without it. Thanks again.

— Nick from the USA (April 2010)

Our trip in Costa Rica went quite well. All in all, your map was extremely helpful as we drove, sailed and hiked the country.

— Mark from the USA (June 2009)

The map was very helpful and performed fine on my Nuvi 200.

— Lisa from the USA (May 2009)

Wow...your map is beautiful!

— Gail from the USA (April 2009)

Device Compatibility

This installable GPS map is compatible with ALL Garmin GPS devices. Still not sure? Click here to view a list of some of the devices that our maps are compatible with. Show List · Hide

Costa Rica GPS Map Update History

v 7.6 | September 2018

v 7.5 | March 2017

v 7.4 | April 2016

v 7.3 | March 2016

v 7.2 | February 2016

v 7.1 | January 2016

v 7.0 | December 2015

v 6.9 | July 2015

v 6.8 | June 2015

v 6.7 | April 2015

v 6.6 | March 2015

v 6.5 | January 2015

v 6.4 | December 2014

v 6.3 | December 2014

v 6.2 | November 2014

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